Chris Young is a chef-scientist known for applying science and technology to create breathtakingly innovative culinary experiences.  He and I were both speakers at The EG Conference in Monterey and afterwards Chris asked if I would help create a branding film about ChefSteps, his tech start up that provides cooks with the tools they need to connect with others, empowering people worldwide to help each other become more efficient, creative, and successful in the kitchen.

Every spring, just as Seattle awakes from its winter hibernation, Chris and his team devise an outlandish culinary exploit, which has three requirements: One, an enormous amount of heat. Two, an enormous amount of meat. And three, an enormous contraption for wielding the heat and cooking the meat.  This short film showcases the passion for cooking and technology—not to mention general over-the-top ridiculousness—that ChefSteps embodies.

Directed by Sandy Smolan